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East Side Finance Inc has been built on the foundation of providing superior investment, and banking services to its clients globally. We serve our clients with the most experienced bankers in our profession and build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships, to create value for our clients and investors.

Our professionals have earned a reputation for creativity and implementation excellence in complex situations.

East Side Finance was founded on 27th of June, 1994, and has its primary offices in USA and U.K, as well as representative offices in China and Germany.

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Our Market watch chart

East Side Finance, Inc is also registered on Marketwatch where other other acceptable companies like Facebook, Twitter, 24options etc are registered and the real time value of shares and stocks are being indicated. This also goes way beyound clarifying any doubts a potential client may have if the company is licensed or registered. If a company like East Side Finance can not keep to HER words then we won’t be registered on Marketwatch.

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The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be, what you can accomplish and what your potential is. East Side Finance over the years has accomplished and successfully closed so many deals, with both Private and Government Industries. Everyday is a new day.